Course curriculum

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    Course Content.

    • Day 1. Free Your Mind.

    • Day 2. Complete Your TO DO List.

    • Day 3. Daily Joy Journaling.

    • Day 4. Attending To Your (un)Worthiness.

    • Day 5. Positivity On Purpose.

    • Day 6. Taking Back Your Power.

    • Day 7. Acceptance and Appreciation.

    • Day 8. Be Selfish.

    • Day 9. Fail Fabulously.

    • Day 10. Trust and Faith over Fear.

    • Day 11. Hold Yourself Accountable.

    • Day 12. Rewards

    • Day 13. Dealing with Conflict.

    • Day 14. Coping With Trauma.

    • Day 15. Relationships.

    • Day 16. Choose Your Change.

    • Day 17. Seek Deeper Truths.

    • Day 18. Growth.

    • Day 19. Contribution.

    • Day 20. Make Magic.

    • Day 21. Anchor Your Positive Change.

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    Bonus Day - Take It To The Next Level.

    • Bonus Day 22. Consciousness.

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    • Congratulations On Completing the Course.

    • Certification.

Crush Negativity In 21 Days.

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Are you the kind of person that is aware that everything starts out as thought and that those thoughts effect beliefs, and that those beliefs effect actions, and ultimately our circumstances? Are you the kind of person that refines their thoughts, beliefs, actions and circumstances in order to gain your desired results? If that's you, then you are a conscious action taker and you can sign up now. After taking this course you will know how to think outside of the box, you will know how to build up your self-worth, you will deal with conflict pro-actively and not re-actively because you will be more immune to triggers, you will know how to cope with emotional trauma, you will deepen connection in your relationships, you will train your mind to focus more on opportunities as well as squeezing much more happiness and fulfillment, not out of, but into your life. Besides a healthy mindset tuneup you will crush negativity by focusing your attention into proactive positivity and make a shift from hype and hysteria to HOPE. From fear to FAITH and from victim to VICTOR and you will move towards maximizing Joy, Creativity, Inspiration and Peaceful Satisfaction. I created this course because I believe that everyone is whole, complete, enough and designed to stand out and thrive - that's why we are all unique. I believe all negative judgements of self and others are misconceptions that lead to unnecessary suffering. It is my desire to see more contentment and fulfillment in the world because that leads to more tolerance and kindness. This is really important to me because a negative mindset will almost always ambush even an optimized success strategy. Even Tony Robbins quoted 'Success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.' You can optimize that 80% by enrolling now. This course is designed to disrupt old negative thought and habit patterns and create and inspire new more empowering ones for creating more wealth, success, satisfaction and fulfillment. Start each day by taking just a few minutes to watch the training's, follow the strategies and take the downloads because you will be priming your thoughts, beliefs and actions for seeking out constant positive improvement and greater opportunities. I know you are ready to prime your mindset and optimize your action-taking strategies for a better lifestyle with greater success? Sign up and I'll see you inside.

Crush Negativity In 21 Days

21 days to a renewed you