Course curriculum

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    For The Business Owner, CEO and Senior Management.

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    For The Workforce

    • Episode 1. Breaking Down The Corporate Model.

    • Episode 2. Building Up The Corporate Model.

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    Tying It All Together. Conclusion.

    • Creating The Desired Company State.

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    • Congratulations on Completing 'Cultivate Permanent Positive Corporate Culture.'

Make Your Work Place A Happy Space

Cultivate Permanent Positive Company Culture

Are you a CEO or entrepreneur? Are you the Director of a company? Are you head of Human Resources? Do you own a large firm or small business? Are your employees lethargic? Is your workforce negatively biased, do they dislike their jobs. Is your company culture unhealthy? Would you like to see your business thrive? Would you like to see your workforce happier at work? Would you like to scale and grow your company? Would you like to cultivate a sustained healthy corporate culture in your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions then sign up immediately. After taking this course and following the strategies this is the transformation you can expect. * Increased productivity and efficiency. * Expanded and inspired pride, leadership, innovation and initiative in everyone. * Increased and broadened sense of fulfilment. * A happier cohesive workforce with a collective vision. * Improved controls for scaling. * A happier workspace with a healthy company culture. If these results look like the picture you have for your business, enroll now. This course was created after I saw the statistics stating that 85% of employees hated their jobs. As a person who early on in life was encouraged not to follow his dreams and passions, I know what helpless, trapped and depressed feels like. I want to see that statistic drop dramatically. By studying the likes of Richard Branson, Gary Vee, Simon Sinek as well as others I saw that by understanding the difference between motivation and inspiration as well as having a refined company vision/mission/intention together with an ‘appraise and praise’ approach plus other tweaks, it is very possible to cultivate and sustain a healthy positive corporate culture and indeed make your workplace a happy space for employees to be in. Give your business and your workforce a makeover and sign up now.

Revolutionize Your Company

Make your work place a happy space